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If you are looking for a full-time or a contract Human Resources (HR) job or looking to fill an HR job then you are in the right place. 

HR Search Pros, Inc. was started because of the need for an HR specific search firm that could truly be a valuable partner for companies in search of great HR professionals and for candidates looking for their next HR opportunity.

I wanted to be part of a firm where Integrity, Honesty, and Service were not mere words spoken to please someone, but are values that were lived by. Out of this desire sprang HR Search Pros. We are here to serve both companies and candidates with the highest level of Integrity, the utmost Honesty, and impeccable Service.

Whether you have an HR job you need to fill or you are looking for an HR job for yourself or if you just want to discuss the HR market, please feel free to contact me at any time.

I look forward to hopefully having the opportunity to speak with you and having the opportunity to demonstrate how unique we are and what a valuable partner we can be to any HR professional whatever their situation is.

Ralph Chapman




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The roles we typically fill are:

Human Resources Jobs (HR Jobs) – Compensation Jobs – Benefits Jobs – HRIS Jobs – Talent Management Jobs – Staffing Jobs – Recruiting Jobs - Organizational Development Jobs (OD Jobs) – Organizational Effectiveness Jobs (OE Jobs) - Total Rewards Jobs - Talent Acquisition Jobs – Training Jobs – Learning Jobs – Instructional Design Jobs – HR Consulting Jobs – Compensation and Benefits Jobs – Executive Compensation Jobs – Incentive Compensation Jobs – Retirement Program Jobs – Communications Jobs – etc.

HR Search Pros, Inc. is a Veteran started and owned business. 


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We understand that each company has unique Human Resources jobs. Feel free to message or call us with any specifics as HR Search Pros, Inc. is an executive search firm specializing in placing HR professionals.

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